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I have, for the last few years, lived happily without television.  My local cable television company keeps sending me mail in vain attempts to persuade me to purchase what they offer.  And the corporation from which I buy DSL service tells me that I am such a good customer that I qualify for a low price on a package which includes television service.  I say “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Once, many moons ago, I liked very much to watch great amounts of television.  Television shows and commercial jingles from the late 1970s to the early 2000s fill my memory banks.  Yet, as time wore on, approaching the present day, I wanted to watch increasingly less television.  Much of what networks offered was vacuous.  There were videos, of course, and they were more interesting.  Or I might prefer to listen to the radio, read a book, or take a walk.  Nevertheless, I could not, for a long time, imagine living without television service.

Now I think differently.  When I want to watch something (which is less often that was true even a year ago), I can use a DVD player or go to a variety of websites.  I watched one network series last year, and NBC cancelled it.  All I had to do to  watch new episodes was wait less than one day from the initial broadcast time then visit Hulu.  I have, in fact, replaced most of the time I would otherwise spend of the passive activity of watching something on a screen with other activities, such as reading, writing, researching, and listening to BBC World Service and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio online.  Melting into symphonies has become a more frequent hobby, and blogging is an inherently creative activity.

I do, from time to time, watch television–just not at my place.  Such times can prove entertaining and informative, but I still have no regrets about not having cable television service.  I do not want to return to my old television ways, for the sound of television has become mostly annoying, especially when I do not choose the programming.

I invite you, O reader, if you have not done so already, to liberate yourself from television.  Discover what more active and productive things you might do with much of your valuable time.




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