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Richard Hooker, Who Gave Us the Anglican Three-Legged Stool:  Scripture, Tradition, and Reason

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In late July 2009 I started my first blog, SUNDRY THOUGHTS OF KENNETH RANDOLPH TAYLOR.  It has become less sundry over time, as I have spun off blogs from it.  Some content needs to be big fish in a smaller pond, not a small fish in a bigger pond.  BLOGA THEOLOGICA is the seventh spin-off, beginning with content located originally at SUNDRY THOUGHTS.

More content will follow.  I have created three lectionary-based devotional blogs, at which I have presented original content.  (I have, in fact, devised a multi-year plan to work from various lectionaries.)  Most of the devotions there hide behind titles such as “Week of Proper 23:  Wednesday, Year 1.”  This is a convenient way of marking where one is in the church calendar, but does not draw certain people to what I have written.  Yes, I have given each such post a descriptive subtitle in the body of the text and attached tags.  And I have established categories for seasons and months plus linked posts to each other and begun the practice of creating monthly index posts with links embedded in them.  But there is more than one way to attract an audience.  So some of my plans entail recycling and adapting certain content from the three devotional blogs and presenting it here.  And I will have descriptive titles.

And, of course, I will write new original material over time and present it here alone.

Here, O reader, may you find something edifying.  That is my prayer.



P.S.–Yes, I did derive the blog title when thinking about Summa Theologica, by St. Thomas Aquinas.  I am hardly in the same league as Aquinas (or Hooker, for that matter), but the title is catchy, is it not?–KRT



Posted August 10, 2011 by neatnik2009

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